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Build A Strong Back To Better Health

Published / by Makayla Cannan

Many of us do the usual exercises such as walking, running and strength training and even then suffer from a weak back. You might be waking up with a sore and stiff back many mornings. It is time to address the issue and find out the glitches that exist in your fitness and lifestyle regime.

Stretching after workouts

If you engage in strenuous exercises, either in the form of cardio or strength training, you need to ensure that you stretch and cool yourself down appropriately after such exercise regime. Usually, when you have strained your muscles are pushed yourself on the treadmill for a long time, you need to give your body adequate time to cool down, tone and stretch your muscles to reduce chances of injury and help the same to repair effectively. You could refer to a physio Wattletree Road malvern expert where you will find advice on the right kind of exercises to do. 

Indulging in core exercises

If you have been working towards flat abs you would also be strengthening your back at the same time. There are several simple yet effective exercises which can help to strengthen your core. From ab crunches to plank exercises, squats, jumping jacks to skipping, these are simple yet effective exercises that can help you strengthen and tone muscles in the ab region, thighs and your back as well. You could also refer to a well known myotherapy experts in case you have a weak back and are facing back problems. 

Rest your back

Even if you do adequate exercises it is important that you rest your body as well. This is especially required when you do strength training and weight training exercises. These exercises break down muscle tissues. As a resultthe body will feel sore after an intensive training session. Hence, it is important that you rest your body and muscles in order to give your muscle tissues adequate time to repair and come back stronger. 

Look into your diet

It is imperative that you look into your diet as well in order to improve overall health levels including your back. In order to build strong muscles you need to increase protein intake. This can be in the form of the plant as well as animal protein. Legumes, soya, milk products and lean animal protein can be part of your regular diet as long as you do not have other forms of allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Even if you are looking to get into active exercises to develop your back muscles or overall health, rest and proper diet should not be ignored.